Supplemental Security Income applications can be confusing without professional guidance. For children, SSI benefits can make a world of difference. Grech Law Firm will be with you and your family for the entire journey to make sure your children’s SSI benefits are taken care of, guaranteed. If you are looking to begin the application process, our SSI lawyers can help you with the filing process. Make sure if you are getting ready to apply that you have your Child Disability Report. This report will provide an overview of your child’s condition as well as how it affects his or her functionability. If you haven’t filed out your Child Disability Report, you may do so at or let us do the work for you!
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How to Determine SSI Eligibility for Children

Children under the age of 18 and considered disabled are eligible for SSI. Disabled is defined as a child with a medically proven condition, including physical or mental impairments. Specific requirements are as follows:

  • A child may be eligible for SSI disability benefits starting from the time of birth; there is no minimum age requirement
  • A child may be eligible for SSI disability benefits until he or she turns 18
  • When the child turns 18, he or she will be evaluated again for impairments based on the definition of disability for adults
  • A child with a visual impairment may be eligible for SSI benefits based on blindness if the impairment meets the definition of blindness

If you have been denied your children’s SSI benefits, we’re here to help.

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