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Social Security Disability Benefits for Veterans

Every year on Veterans Day, I honor the people who put their lives at risk to defend and protect our country by volunteering for Soldier's Angels and delivering food to veterans in need. I take great pride in serving those who served for us! I also take great pride in representing people who have fallen on difficult times due to a mental or physical disability and are unable to work. This is why I, attorney Justen Grech of the Grech Law Firm, handle both Social Security Disability cases as well as Veterans Disability Benefits.

A lot of veterans do not know that they can receive both Social Security Disability benefits as well as Service Related Disability Benefits through the VA. Social Security benefits are an important resource for many veterans who return home with physical or mental injuries from the rigors of war or military service. In fact, Social Security can expedite some veteran's claims if they became disabled while on active military service. You can visit the Social Security Wounded Warriors website for additional information:

If you are a veteran who receives service related disability benefits through the VA, you should highly consider applying for Social Security Disability benefits as well. Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to provide you with a free consultation about SSD and/or VA benefits. I provide personal representation to every client I have whether it's for Social Security Disability benefits or for Veteran's benefits and I never get paid unless I win your case!

Contact me today and I will navigate the complex process of getting you SSD and/or VA disability benefits!