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Supplemental Security Income

How Do I Receive SSI?

As a needs-based disability benefits program, SSI recipients are determined by an individual’s income and assets. Those eligible to receive SSI have a very limited income and one’s means must fall below specific SSI income requirements. To see if you’re eligible or to submit an application or appeal, contact Grech Law Firm today!

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Are you wondering if you can qualify for Supplemental Security Income? Have you already applied and been denied? Grech Law Firm can help you get the income you deserve! With more than 15 years of experience helping people just like you, Grech Law Firm takes the time to get to know its clients, ensuring nothing gets overlooked and you get the income you need!

Why Grech for your SSI Attorneys?

Unlike big law firms, we offer individual attention to each case and the person you talk to on the phone and meet with will be the same person that represents you in court. We walk you through the process, start to finish. We help you gather the correct documents to build a tough case. If you’re a caretaker, case worker or family member, our attorneys will help you help your person in need. Whether you’re just beginning to think about applying for SSI or have applied and been denied, we will create a custom plan for you that gets you the income you deserve.

We don’t get paid until you do. So we guarantee only the best results when you choose Grech Law Firm.