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What Happens if My Employer Denied My Workers' Comp Claim in Michigan?

When someone is injured on the job and is forced to miss time from work, Workers Compensation is supposed to cover your missed wages and your medical bills associated with the workplace injury. Unfortunately, workers comp insurance companies often deny claims that are work related or cutt of workers' comp benefits prematurely. That is why workers comp attorneys exist, to help fight against the powerful insurance companies that try to not pay legitimate claims.

The workers comp insurance companies will also use other tricks to try and not pay as much as they should. For instance, workers comp insurance companies will often pay benefits at a lower rate than you are actually entitled to. They assume as long as you are receiving wage loss benefits, you will not question the amount you are receiving. Workers comp in Michigan is supposed to pay you 80% of your after tax average weekly wage. One trick the insurance companies use is to not include overtime, tips, bonuses, premium pay, or the value of other fringe benefits when computing your average weekly wage. A second trick they use is to not include all of your dependents when calculating your rate. This is one of the reasons you should consult a workers comp attorney in Michigan, like the Grech Law Firm.

Under the Michigan Workers Comp law, if you suffer an injury at work, you are entitled to unlimited medical treatment and care for your workplace injury. Oftentimes, workers comp insurance companies will try and push you to treat with one of their recommended doctors. This is because they have strong relations with this doctor and use the same cotors over and over again to get the results they crave. Instead of treating with the recommended doctor, you need a doctor that is on your side. After 10 days from you starting medical treatment after a workplace injury, you have the right to choose your own doctor. Once you choose the doctor you wish to treat with, you need to notify the workers comp insurance company of the doctor you chose. The insurance company will also most likely set up an IME, or independent medical examination. You must attend this exam and you want to tell the doctor exactly how you got hurt at work and the symptoms you are having.

Workers Comp Insurance companies in Michigan like to deny legitimate claims for a host of different reasons. One of the main reasons is because a doctor noted findings of arthritis. The insurance company will pounce on this finding and claim that the injury was pre existing and due to the arthritis, and not work related. However, even if you have a preexisting arthritic condition, if you work aggravated or made that condition worse, it is still covered by the Michigan Workers Comp Law. Don't let your workers comp insurance carrier in Michigan bully you out of the benefits you deserve. Seek a skilled worker's comp attorney in Michigan, like the Grech Law Firm.

Lastly, keep in mind that once you file a workers comp claim, the insurance company will most likely hire a professional investigator to record and track your activities. These investigators will also search your online profiles and social media accounts to try and get evidence to use against you. Therefore, it is important that once you file a worker's comp claim in Michigan, you need to restrain from doing any activities beyond the medical restrictions provided by your doctor. Also, it is recommended that you stop posting on social media once you've filed a worker's comp claim in Michigan. You do not want to inadvertently provide the woker's comp insurance company ammunition to use against you to try and deny your claim.

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