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How Much Can You Work While Receiving SSI Disability Benefits?

Dec. 10, 2019

Even though you may be receiving SSI disability benefits, you may still be able to work. There are a few deciding factors on how much of your allowed benefits you can keep, but you are actually encouraged to work if you can. As we move forward, we will be discussing what exactly will happen if you work on disability and how much you can still receive.

For Those Who Are Retired

First off, if you are past the full retirement age and collecting SSI disability, there are no limitations. That means you can work 40+ hours a week and still receive all of your benefits. Whatever you earn while you work plays no role and it does not change the amount of benefits you can or will receive. The age of retirement is 66, but there are some circumstances to which it could be possible to be fully retired before then.

For Anyone Not Retired

If you are not retired and are still looking to work, your benefits will be affected. So much so that they will deduct $1 for every $2 you earn above $15,480, according to the SSA website. Before this is initiated, you are allowed a trial work period. This period will determine how much you are able to work and what you can still receive from your benefits.

The Trial Work Period

Your trial work period (TWP) is about 9 months. This does not need to be consecutive, but once you work a total of 9 months, your TWP is complete. During this time, you are allowed to work as many hours and make as much money as you would like. That being said, an official month of the TWP passes when you make $770 or work more than 80 hours if you are self employed.

There is also an extended period of eligibility (EPE) that lasts about 36 months. You will still receive your full benefits if you remain disabled and earn less than $1,070 for non-blind individuals and $1,800 for the blind. This is what is called the Social Security substantial gainful activity threshold. If you happen to go over this threshold, you benefits will be reduced. The good thing is that if fall back below it, you full benefits will be reinstated.

What You Need To Report If You Work and Collect SSI Disability

If you are going to be working and collecting SSI disability benefits, you will need to report some things to the SSA.

  • The starting and ending date for any job.

  • Current pay scale, hours worked and duties.

  • Any work-related expenses as a result of your disability.

It is also very important that you report your monthly wages directly to the SSA. If you choose to do so via telephone, it must be done by the 6th of month. Your other option is to bring in your pay stub to your local SSA office by the 10th of the month. I must stress that if you do not report your earnings, you benefits may be terminated.

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