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The Social Security Disability List of Impairments: What to Know

Dec. 10, 2019

Looking at the Social Security disability list of impairments can be overwhelming due to its sheer volume. It can also get confusing because of the conditions that are listed don’t always necessarily mean that you will qualify for Social Security benefits. Here are some tips on how to navigate the Social Security disability list of impairments and some important aspects to keep in mind:

Overview Of The Social Security Disability List Of Impairments

The Social Security disability list of impairments is well laid out in sections by areas of the body. There are 14 different system categories ranging from musculoskeletal to digestive and to immune disorders to name a few. Each category is broken down into further sections with more information on types of conditions found in these main categories.

Finding where your condition falls within the categories is fairly simple. However, learning if you actually qualify for Social Security disability benefits can be a bit unclear. Even if you have a condition that falls under the main categories, you still may not qualify unless the following criteria is met:

  • You are unable to do the work you previously did

  • Cannot adjust to any other type of work due to conditions

  • Your medical condition(s) is expected to last for more than a year

  • You are not working or you are working making less than $1,070 a month

Making Sense Of It All

Although there are several other factors that are considered, if these qualifications are met, then you can most likely be considered for Social Security disability benefits. Due to this specificity, it is critical to do your research, know all your medical information and when your condition began to interrupt your work. Further actions like filling out forms and undergoing interviews may be conducted when filing a claim. Your Social Security disability lawyer can help you to make sense of the Social Security list of impairments and determine whether or not you’re eligible. Call (586) 203-3125 for a free consultation at Grech Law Firm.